Using this site

We’ve tried to set this site up to be as user-friendly as possible.  But a few hints and tips might help you to get the most out of it.

Update posts

We will add regular updates into the updates section.  If you want to receive these updates by email – we recommend that you ‘follow’ the blog (using the button on the footer bar of any page).  You need to have a log in on wordpress to do that – but that’s not difficult to set up.  Once you have followed the blog, you have the option to set up email subscriptions.  Click on ‘reader’ on the top LH corner of your webpage and then you will see a section called ‘Blogs I follow’ with ‘edit’ written next door.  If you click on ‘edit’ you will see that a list of each blog that you follow.  Next door to the blog is another word ‘edit’.  Click on here to manage email subscriptions.

Email subscriptions will notify you of new posts made to the updates section.  Approximately once a month, updates will be removed if they are out of date, or moved into the relevant fixed section of the website.

Member area

For LBW members – we have the member only area, where we are hoping you will ask questions to each other and also use the buy and sell area.  Please ask if you have any questions!

1 Response to Using this site

  1. Fiona Clutterbuck says:

    Hello, myself and my husband have just arrived in Luanda. He work for an international energy company and I’m 5 months pregnant. My husband is British and I’m Irish.
    Looking forward to meeting other expat here,
    Kind Regards


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