There are a number of things regarding health that are important to think of – and the most important are Healthcare provision, Food and water hygiene and Vaccinations.

Healthcare provision

Be realistic about the provision of healthcare in Luanda – facilities are basic.  Minor ailments however are normally well treated and for diseases such as malaria and dengue – which are common in this region – you can’t really be anywhere better.

Details of clinics for medical and dentist care are listed below as well as details of the pharmacies that are most commonly used.  You should find out what facilities your sponsor company also facilitates.  Some of the large companies have their own nurses / paramedics available for some home treatment, support services and malaria testing.  In addition many of the sponsor companies are members of International SOS who support two clinics in Luanda.


International SOS clinics:

– Both International SOS clinics can be found in Clínica Sagrada Esperança buildings.
– International SOS, Ilha – Av. Muhamed Mortala; 927034220, Médecin de garde 24h sur 24 : 923 330845.  Care is available 24 hours.

– International SOS, Talatona – Rua S10, Sector Talatona, Zona CC-B2, (Behind          Belas Shopping Center)                                                                                                                   Clinic phone: 927034221 or 227200310                                                                                           Routine consultation hours:                                                                                                     Monday — Friday: 08h00 – 12h30 and 14h00 – 17h30                                                   Saturday: 09h00 — 12h00                                                                                                       Sunday: Closed                                                                                                                                        24/7 emergency care is available

Other clinics:

Centro Médico Cardiozono

Clinica Caridade (R53, Nova vida – behind Deskontao) – 227 287 777


Dental care is available through referral from International SOS.  In addition, try one of the following clinics:

– City – Afrodente – 222320307.  For orthodontic care – ask for Dr Ana Constantino.  The Afrodente website also specifically mentions paediatric dental treatment.
– City – Biodente Clinic, Rua Maculusso no 12, 222 444 207 For orthodontic care – ask for Dr Monika
– City – Miradente, Rua Lucrécia Paim 923 933 363
– Talatona – there is a rumour that Afrodente (above) also operate here.  We can’t clarify at the moment but please let us know!
– Talatona – there is a dentist that has been regularly used, but we’re not sure of the name! Phone: 222-021-780, 222-021-790 and 912-425-262                                               Address: Via Al 3B, Number 17 – close to the Riviera condominium, but should not be confused with the International Orthodontic Clinic which is signposted around this area. However, to get there, follow the signs to go to Int’l Ortho Clinic, then take the next left after and it’s on the right. We don’t believe there is a sign outside, but go up to the top of the stairs and the door to the office is at the top. Here’s the map: –

Dentist map


Members of International SOS should find out which pharmacy is linked to the clinic – as this entitles you to medicine free of charge.  It is common, however, to have to try more than one pharmacy before finding the drug that you are looking for.

– Clinic – each of the International SOS clinics has an in-house pharmacy, which you are advised to use as your first port of call
– Mecofarma – this is a chain of pharmacies that are normally very reliable.  Have a look on their website for details of the different stores (under the sub-section Farmácias) which can be found throughout the city and Talatona.
– Shopping centres – there is a pharmacy in the Belas Shopping Centre, in the Atrium and in the Atlantic Business Centre all in Talatona.

Food and water hygiene

Like most things in Luanda – food and water hygiene is about being sensible and doing what is right for our own families.  You may hear – ‘no ice, no salad’ but most people find that ice and salad from reputable bars and restaurants is just fine.  For fruits and vegetables purchased from supermarkets and from the side of the road (or even picked from the trees in your own garden!)  it is again a personal choice.  Some expats choose to wash with milton sterilising tablets to be on the safe side, others are happy to wash and dry with clean water.

Regarding water – most condominiums have a water filtering system – and whilst most of us are perfectly happy to use the tap water for showering and brushing teeth, we don’t recommend drinking it straight from the tap.

Depending on your company, you may or may not be supplied with a plug in water dispenser / cooler (approx 15 Gallons of water).  If you are not supplied with one – it would definitely be worth investing in one.  Suppliers of water are mentioned in our shopping section.

Water to the condominiums is generally reliable.  On the odd occasion water is lost – so if you have garden tanks etc, keep an eye on the levels just in case.


Mandatory – YELLOW FEVER.  You must carry your immunisation booklet to enter the country and your certificate must be in date.

Other vaccinations are numerous.  Those that are recommended:

Tetanus / Dip / Polio
Hepatitis A and B

Remember that you might have to space these out time wise, so be organised!

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