Luanda’s arts and culture scene is definitely growing.  If you are into Music, Theatre, Cinema or Dance – hopefully there is something for you.


  • Total choir – this choir meets on a Wednesday night in the city (in the cultural hall of Impala Total).  Contact
  • Mimbu music school – a relatively new music school in the city (Rua Samuel Bernardo, nº36, R/C – Ingombotas).  Best place for more information is their website –
  • Casa da Musica – Benfica – is another music school in Benfica focussing primarily on group lessons for the local community.  It is a project run through the Fundação Arte e Cultura.  There is also a recording studio – and it’s worth looking out for events that are often held here.
  • Luanda Music Studio – Nova Vida – tel: 935 799 025 or email – adults and children, piano, guitar, violin, drum, cello – teaching in English, French and Portuguese.


Access to information regarding theatres in Angola is limited.  There are reported to be a couple (National Theatre of Luanda, Theatre Avenida) so any reviews from LBW members and friends would be hugely appreciated.

  • Fundação Arte e Cultura – – is worth keeping an eye on for events and information.



  • Kizomba and Salsa classes – Thursday 9.30-10.30 am and Friday 5-6 at the Luanda Condominio Club House – Contact FRANCA – 946037965 or


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