Buying clothes in Luanda is not something that the editors of this website have done frequently – so we’re going to cheat!

Our friends at Vivre en Angola have comprehensively listed clothes shops (click for access).   Good luck browsing!

If you have any suggestions – however – please let us know.  We’d love to hear of some good places where you have shopped successfully.

Should you need your clothes dry cleaned however, we have several members who recommend Lavandaria Ecologica in Talatona. Situated about 2 doors along from the small Casa dos Fresco/Telepizza (near Kyanda/Luanda Condominiums). LBW member Angela says – Clean and efficient dry cleaners, I have used this for mainly dry cleaning my quilts, good job and turnover takes about 3/4 days.  A super king quilt cost 3200kws and you pay for this upfront, not on collection. Vicki says – have had suits and evening dresses drycleaned here and they have done a great job.


One Response to Clothing

  1. John Vu says:

    Dear Sir, I am manufacture garment fashion in Vietnam. If you need any garment . please contact me I can making for your order. B/R John


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