Food shopping in Luanda is getting better and better on a daily basis with new shops opening and produce varying.  You’ll find that most of the expat groups have lists of shops on their websites – so we’ve just picked a selection of our favourite places.  This information is by section and each section has been sub-divided into City and South – click on each item below to go to:

Breads and Pastries
Fruit and Veg
Meat and Poultry
Home Delivery


Breads and Pastries

Below is a list of some of the bread and pastry shops that you may wish to visit.  Some of them have coffee shops attached too (so keep an eye on Luanda Nightlife!).  Supermarkets are also a really good source of fresh bread etc.


Al Dar, Rua Salvadore Allende  Tel: 912 665 355/ 222 393 577
Lebanese Pitta bread, dinner rolls, brown bread, sliced loaves and great cakes.  Will also cater at outside parties

Arcadia, Coffee shop with outside seating located next to the large Banco Nacional building on the Marginal.

Pastelaria Nicholas, Rua Liga Africana 47.  This shop has a French trained baker who will accept special orders.  The pastries are excellent.

Pastelaria Nilo, Throughout Luanda but also at Rua Kwame Nkrumah. (near Largo Maianga).  This bakery/coffee shop has good pastries, cakes and savouries.  Although only one address is given, you will see these bakeries throughout Luanda.

Trocadero, Av. Lenine, 946112233.  This bakery / coffee shop has great french products.

Vanan, Has two city shops, one on the Ilha (across from Tamariz) and one on Praia do Bispo 38, near the Neto Monument.  Sells good French bread, pastries and sometimes has brown bread.  Good for hamburger and hotdog buns!


Café & Companhia, Atrium shopping centre Nova Vida (top floor)

Suc’Ara, N° 31 Avenida 21 de janeiro, Morro Bento, Tel 222 020 701.  This is a great little shop – with a cafe – french bread, croissants, birthday cakes and some special grocery products

O Segredo dos Bolos, Via C-3 Bairro, Talatona Atlantic business center, Tel 927 56 49 03.  This is a shop selling cake making products – icing, shapers, books, rather than buying the finished product!

Vanan, See map – next to Luanda Sport.  Great pastries, french bread and other types of bread (and great coffee, breakfast, lunch too!)




Fish market in Chicala, Ilha.  Turn left as you come onto Ilha and its down on the right (beach side) before you reach Poupla.

Freshsul, LDA, 77A, Avenue de Cdt Valodia – fresh and frozen fish and seafood.

Kalu Pescas, Av Murtala Mohammed – 150MT – Ilha de Luanda (past BA, past gap, about 200 yds after turning to restaurant Quais de Cuatro), Tel: 222 3095161/309842/Mob 923303022/914420173 Maria do Ceu Fortes

Peixe e Gambas, Maianga in front of Gelo in Cubo


Supermarkets – There is no stand-alone fish shop in the south, but Deskontao, Shoprite, Food Lovers and Kero have reasonable (Deskontao in our opinion the best!) fish counters (see supermarket section below).

Road side fish – don’t be shy of buying road side fish – especially the small lobster sold on the beaches (esp Cabo Ledo and Sangana) and on the road from the Kwanza river to Talatona.  Nothing better than fresh lobster for dinner to appreciate being in Luanda (top tip put them in the freezer for 15 minutes when you get home to avoid killing them alive…)


There is a ‘rumour’ of a fish delivery service – – let us know if you use it!

Fruit and Veg

Supermarkets – Most of the best fruit and veg is available in all the major supermarkets.

Road side sellers – Fresh produce can also be bought from the road side sellers – but don’t expect big savings…

Terre Verde (Farm shop).  Located about 50km  north of Luanda.  It has local grown fruit and vegetables, fresh eggs, live or frozen chickens

Meat and Poultry

Over time, you’ll find good meat solutions in the different supermarkets.  Bear in mind that most are frozen and if fresh, it’s best to assume it has been previously frozen.  In addition there are a couple of meat specialists that it’s worth looking at.


Cabire Alimentos, Rua Rainha Ginga 72, Miramar.  222 339 496.  Meat sold by the carton (Brazilian)

CSAK Angola LDA ‪email:  Contact Alvaro Kubas.  Grade A meat direct from Namibia.


Mokbel, on the road between vanan bakery and food lovers (might be best to go with someone that knows the first time!).  Good quality brazilian meet (especially good for beef and pork)



Big One,  Bairro Alvalade/Maianga, 108 Rua Jose de Oliveira Barbosa (Rua Agostinho das Neves).  Tel: 222 326915/924402060/222 326 955  Stocking products/food from Europe – meat, vegetables, yogurt and alcohol.

Casa dos Frescos, Rua Greg Mendes #76 Villa Alice, next to Cine Atlântico and also nearby Jornal de Angola, central Luanda.  Wide variety of food – often with imports from South Africa.  Tends to be higher quality, higher price.

Inter market, Rua Joao de Berros, Luanda City.  Good selection of food, fruit and veg, some gardening, hardware, freshly cooked French bread, croissants….parma ham, cheese, meat and fish

Jumbo, Off Largo de Maio along Avenida Deolinda Rodriques.  Busy supermarket sells everything from paint to fresh vegetables, frozen food, bread, drinks, household cleaning supplies, appliances and furniture.

Kero, Large branch in Kilamba (very quiet and clean) and a smaller one in the city – continue inland from Largo de Kinaxixe, 1km on the RHS.

Maxi, Rua Joao Rodrigues, No. 30, Ingombotas, Luanda City.  Warehouse type store (like a cash and carry).  Need a code – but it seems that it is possible to use the same one (most companies have one).

Poupa La, Chicala, (turn left as going onto Ilha, about 1km on right).  Good size, fresh veg and bakery, wine and general groceries.

Shop Rite,  Luanda City – Estrada de Katete, at entrance to Bairro Palanca.  Located further down and along the same road as Jumbo.  South African supermarket chain, tending to stock a wide variety with quite a lot of SA imports.


Candando – located in Shopping Avenida (next to Maxi, opposite Condominium Kizomba) stocking a good range of products and food from Europe in a clean and large store.

Casa dos Frescos – there are three of these in the south (see description above).  a) Close to LIS School, next door to Talatona Kero b) On the small parade of shops next door to Kyanda and Luanda condominium and c) Atrium shopping centre, Nova Vida.

Food Lover’s Market – Rua Pedro Castro.  A South African chain with very good fresh fruit and veg.  Clean and well priced.,13.198228&num=1&t=m&z=16  Telephone 222 020 599

Kero – one branch at Nova Vida and one in Talatona.  Both stores have good – albeit different, ranges of products.  Brazilian supermarket chain.

Maxi – see description above.  Can be found opposite Mundo Verde.

Shop Rite – see description above.  Belas shopping centre, Talatona.

Deskontao – another large warehouse style shop (Brazilian) with a good variety of produce.  There are lots of frozen foods, wine, drinks, household products as well as fresh food.


Neptuno – – contact Mr Hyac Lefresne on 222440461

PTA-Aguas, Lda. Water delivery service of the big 5 litre bottles.  Contact – Eckhard Stiller (222 511 668) for details.


Most of the good supermarkets sell reasonable quality wine – with most of the brands being from South African and Portugal.  For specialist / bulk wine try:

Atlanfina – 222 395 124.  City based – good for bulk buys

La Cle des Chateaux – Rua Ngola Kiluanji, Ilha – 222 380 379

Mundo dos vinhos – – contact Eva French on 912518605.  Import and delivery of mainly French wine

Vinotage – near AAA building

Wine Shop – Rua Dr. Américo Boavida

In Talatona there is also a fine wine store in Belas Shopping Centre

Home Delivery

Ango’ja – – meal based delivery.  Follow on Facebook too.

Capricciosa – 222393867 – city based delivery of pizza

Galerias de Paes – take away pizza in Talatona (no delivery yet – but great service for take away)

Neptuno – for all beverages including water – – contact Mr Hyac Lefresne on 222440461

There is also a pizza delivery service in Talatona, based from the Casa dos Frescos next to Kyanda.  Details to follow.

See Fish section about for details of a fish delivery service.


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