African shopping

As you travel around Southern Africa, you’re bound to pick up some nice bits and pieces to remember Angola by.  There are also some good places here to buy things:

Just remember if you buy a wood carving item – you should get it stamped in order to take it home with you.


Benfica Market – Wood carvings, paintings, jewellery

Located on the main dual carriage way, on the way from Luanda Sul to Benfica, this market is open 7 days a week.  Avoid afternoons at the weekend if you can – the sellers tend to have enjoyed a good liquid lunch… Selling typical crafts, they only take cash payments.

Ilha market – first Saturday of the month at the beginning of the Ilha
Talatona market – last Saturday of the month (near to V’amos)


1.   Espelho de Moda – Wood carvings, paintings, jewellery shop in the City

Rua Amilcar Cabral 107; Tel/Fax 224 2 339 436/ mob 912 596 054   E:

2.  Côco Verde – products based on Angolan cloth

927849160 – located in Maianga, Grupo Desportivo Banca.  It’s not that easy to find, so it’s worth calling ahead if you can (take the street immediately to the right of the Farmácia Maianga, off of Kwame Nkurama)

3.  Okapi – craft gallery including African Art

Rua Katyavala 67

4.  Boom Angola – for t-shirts and cute toy Palancas


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