Future events

What’s Happening in April and May


Trivia night

Mitch Benedict is hosting a fun filled trivia night at the Deputy chief of mission’s residence. Put together a team of six members and join the fun. The entry is free, though feel free to contribute some snacks and drinks for your table.


White Affair by AWAA

white affaire


Everyone is most welcome to come to our friendly weekly and monthly get-together.  Do bring your friends if you think they would like to join the LBW. New arrivals are especially welcome.

Weekly coffee get-together in the City

coffee on beach

(2:00 pm – 3:30 pm) at Miami Beach on the Ilha on Tuesdays.


Pub and grub night

pub night

Friday 6th April and 4th May 6pm onwards – Cais Vais @Club Naval – 

Always very popular – open to everyone.  Bring your friends and family. Just turn up at restuarant Cais Vais, Club Navale (right at the start of the Ilha), any time from 6pm to enjoy a drink with other members and maybe stay for supper afterwards – lots of us do. A very good way to miss the Friday night traffic. Just pay for what you consume. Bring the children if you’d like to.  No need to book.  We’ll have done that for you

Luanda bridge Club



The call is out among the expatriate and broader community in Luanda that there is an effort to form a bridge club.

One of the beauties of bridge is that if you have any experience with card games, you can learn in an evening the basics of the game such that you can play and have fun, but then like any challenging game you can spend the rest of your life learning more and improving.

All are welcome, from beginners to experienced players, as well as those willing to teach and coach others, so we can start to play and form the foundation for a club. If the notion of learning ever crossed your mind, now is the time!

For more information contact Mitch Benedict at benedict04217@gmail.com or 923-404-618.

One Response to Future events

  1. Nige Byrne says:

    Attending the Remembrance Day on Sunday with my wife, Pay respects to the Armed forces and hopefully meet some new people

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