Adult Education

Many expat spouses who come to Luanda choose to study – with Language training, Specialised subjects and Short online courses being the most popular.

Language training

Most expats embark on some form of language training to help to get by in Portuguese speaking Luanda.  There are different levels of education of course.

For information about one on one Portuguese teachers used by members, please ask – that way we can make sure you have the most relevant information.  Members have had lessons face to face and also through Skype (which works surprisingly well!).

A new portuguese learning centre has also recently opened up in Talatona – Aprender Mais.  Contact details are – 928513587 or

For more intensive portuguese lessons in the city have a look at Alliance Française.  A few members have enjoyed this more focussed style. The website is in French/Portuguese.

Specialised subjects

Does anyone have information of other learning opportunities in Luanda?  Let us know using the comments box below, if you do.

Short online courses

The online education world is bursting with MOOC’s – Massive Open Online Courses – many of which are free.  Have a look at the following links – it’s amazing what you can do with a Luanda day!

Main provider UK – Future Learn
Main providers US – Course Era, Udacity, EdX
Aggregation sites – Class Central or simply google MOOC and the subject matter you are looking for!

And for a guidebook to online learning, Accredited Schools Online helps you choose between schools and courses and gives tips and advice to students.

7 Responses to Adult Education

  1. Khaled says:

    I am looking too. But no one is responding
    If you someone please let me know


  2. Shirleey says:

    ahmad shahrour
    By ahmad shahrour
    01 Jul at 13:46
    Hello All ,

    if anyone is interested in learning Portuguese, the Alliance Francaise de Luanda will start new Portuguese language courses on the 11th of July.

    There will be a class for Portuguese level three scheduled on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 18:00 till 20:00. I think anyone can register for this class if they have basic knowledge of the language

    Below is the school website:

    Read more


  3. Roberto Cacoma Chiteta says:

    I’m in Luena moxico , looking for English language online course. To improve my English skills knowledge.


  4. Abdishakur says:

    Yeh am in Luanda I just want to learn Portuguese


  5. Dinesh Kumar Saw says:

    Want to learn Portuguese online in Skype my mobile number is 936163107


  6. Please am in Luanda Angola, i want to Learn Portuguese language online, please i need you guide lone


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