What to bring

When we decided to create a new list to advise people on what to bring to Angola with them, it quickly became apparent that there is no ‘’One Size Fits All’ list.  However, we have created a list of what we feel are possible start-up necessities (depending on what your company provides already) to bring either in an air shipment or as excess luggage – and this is attached below.

Bear in mind that it is meant as a general piece of advice, and should be treated as a guide.  You know what your “top 10 cannot live without” things are, so make sure they come with you! Shopping for goods in Luanda is an ever changing adventure, and no two days are ever the same. All sorts of products are becoming more widely (and more frequently) available here, however they are often of a poorer quality than you are used to, and will almost certainly be a lot more expensive! Supplies can also be very irregular.

Regardless of whether you bring things by air shipment or by sea – you will have some time to wait before it arrives.  It is definitely worth max-ing out your baggage allowance or paying for excess baggage so that you arrive with enough to get you through. A current expat here with your company will be able to help you more – or contact us if you’re not sure.

What to Pack List – Air


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