If you are relocating to Angola – and you have a family pet who is a really integral part of your family and you want to bring them with you – have a look at this information about Importation to Luanda and also Exporting your pet from Luanda.  Please remember that it is only a guide – and we would really encourage you to check all information available to you before you travel.

Do also carefully consider other options, particularly with dogs – as there are challenges you will face. For example, there is no kennelling service in Luanda, and families are dependent on friends to care for their pet when they travel.  Although there are a number of pet lovers who will help – it can be difficult to resolve, particularly during peak times such as Christmas and school holidays. It is possible to find staff who are comfortable enough with dogs to care for them independently while you travel, but a number of local Angolans find dogs frightening, so it may be not be as easy as you think.  Also bear in mind that not all accommodation will allow for the exercising of dogs (so do check that yours will), and it is not advised to walk around the streets.

Importation to Luanda

Whilst pets are frequently transported internationally as cargo, it is advisable to choose a route and airline that will allow your pet to travel as accompanied baggage, as customs clearance only happens on weekdays during working hours. There is no provision for your pet to be cared for should they land after hours or at the weekend. We have members who were charged ‘taxes’ before having their pets cleared, or who had to wait overnight to collect their pets. Our member recommendations include using KLM from Europe, Asia and the Middle East, or the Houston Express coming from the US, as both carry pets up to large sizes as luggage. When transiting through Amsterdam, your pet can be checked through to Luanda and will be cared for by the staff of the KLM Pet Hotel in Schiphol, before being loaded onto the next flight. Lufthansa also have a good Animal Lounge for animals in transit.

Should you have to send your pet as cargo, then we have some member recommendations for an agent here in Luanda who will collect your animal for you and deliver them to your home.

ATS (Angola) Lda,
Rua Amilcar Cabral, 13
Phone: +244 222392444/222398252
Contact – Nita Palhota – +244 923301969 –
Raul Gomes – +244 923301970 –

Before planning your trip check exportation/importation requirements in your current country or state of residence, as it can be a time consuming process.


Exporting your pet from Luanda

It is important to check import requirements to your new location well in advance of travel, as not all countries allow importation of pets from Angola, and many will only allow import after a three month wait.

To import a pet to the UK, they cannot travel on a direct flight. We have recommendations from members who have travelled to the UK, who have flown with their pets to Amsterdam, and then handed them over to the recommended companies listed below. Remember you must have a European pet passport or a positive RNATT test from the correct date to travel. There are many companies offering these services.

VCK Live Animal Logistics
Bellsingel 31
1119 NT Haarlemmermeer, Netherlands
Phone +31 20 654 9131
You can also check out their daily pet travel stories on their Facebook page.

Animals to Fly
Saffierlaan 12
2132 VZ Hoofddorp
The Netherlands
Tel; +31 (0) 23 5577990
Contact; Sabine Grol

Extrordinair Ltd
Room 1/10 Spitfire House
Edinburgh Airport Cargo Village
Turnhouse Road
EH12 0AL
Tel: 0131 317 7277

Pets on the Move
Telephone: 00 44 (0)1563 829262 or 00 44 (0)141 8894189
Freephone: 0800 028 8971

Before you leave Angola, you need to complete export procedures, so remember to allow for this when making your travel plans. This paperwork is valid for 5 days. You must take your pet to the vet to get a Fit to Fly Certificate (Certificado Veterinário De Saúde). Make sure that this clearly states that the animal has been treated for tapeworm (important for the UK) and for the US states that they are clear from screw worm. You then need to take this certificate to the Department of Agriculture near the new stadium in Coqueiros. Here you fill out the form Certificado Zoo Sanitário and submit this together with your vaccination records and take a receipt. This needs to be taken to a bank that accepts government department payments. There, you will need to queue and pay to get a payment form, then queue to pay the fee for your paperwork. They will issue you with another receipt which you take back to the Department of Agriculture. This can be brought to the Department after 14:00 the next day. Make sure you collect your vaccination records along with your certificate! Obviously, unless you are a fluent Portuguese speaker, you will need to have someone to assist you with this.

Make sure when you travel to have several copies of your paperwork. The originals should stay with you, and often a set of copies are needed to be with the kennel or stay with the airline. At the airport, the government vet representative will check your paperwork, although members say he is not always there. Your airline will advise you on how to proceed with check in as this procedure depends on an airlines policy.

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