The main thing we all worry about when we bring a family abroad is that they are going to be happy.  Your company may set you up with a buddy system for yourselves and the children, but if they don’t – get in touch with us through the Contact form below.  We may be able to find an appropriately aged child who is already here who can send an email or two over to you and help with the children focussed questions.

From a practical stand point, there are really three key things to think about in the pre-arrival stage when it comes to your children – Education registration, Vaccinations and their Belongings.

Education registration

At the moment your choice of school or nursery is largely (although not entirely) driven by which company you are coming to Luanda with, whether you live in Talatona or the city and how old your children are – and most people will see an obvious solution.  However, you do need to be aware that there are long waiting lists at quite a few of the schools – particularly at the primary school level – and unless your company has priority due to certificate ownership there is no way around that.

So – our advice is to get in touch with the school of your choice as soon as you can – once you have understood the position that your company is in- and find out what the status is. They should be in a position to tell you – but it’s really important to understand that when they say there is a waiting list, there really is a waiting list and coming into country without a place for your children is very risky.

The schools will individually be able to advise on what documentation you must provide – but expect to be asked for medical information, recent school reports and birth certificates copies.


The vaccinations required to come to Luanda are many.  For adults – it’s possible that over time we have had the relevant jabs and that the quantity that we need now is less.  However for many children – the amount of vaccinations that are required is large and although it is possible to have some of them when you arrive – it’s definitely better to have them in your home country.

The best thing to do is to get to a travel clinic as quickly as possible after making your decision to come here and to ask a professional to plan a schedule for you.  That way you can be sure that vaccinations are appropriately spaced and you are not overloading the children with too many in a short space of time.


As you’ll have seen in the what to bring section there are a number of things that we recommend for you to bring in your initial baggage or air shipment.  Your children are likely to be without their things for a good few weeks when they arrive here – so if you get the chance to fit in favourite toys, or lego or even (as we managed to do) their scooters, then it would be really beneficial.

Keep an eye on the buy and sell section on this site too (available to members) too in the early days.  Whilst it’s always great to see how easy it is to get along with nothing – there will be days when your ideas for home crafts and games have run out and buying something second hand to get you through those early weeks could be just the answer.

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