So, you’re almost here, you’re almost decided and now you’re wondering about the visa…

We have to be honest with you – the visa process in Angola is tough.  But, if you know that in advance – then at least you can be ready for it.  The rules vary depending on where you are coming from, what your job is (technical or commercial for example), whether it’s your first visa or a renewal and whether you happen to get the right person on the right day!

There is hope – and this article talks about multi-entry visas being issued in 2016 – but always remember to check with your sponsors about the current position.

Visas can (normally!) be tracked using the following website –

Here are some things you should think about:

  • If you can, obtain a second passport before leaving your home country.  This will give you a back up plan once you’re in country.
  • If you are bringing a family with you and haven’t left the UK yet – try to build in contingencies with their current school etc.  The chances are you’ll be there longer than you think.
  • Be realistic when you are in country.  Everyone has a period of time when they have to wait in country for their visa to be processed (around the date of the expiry of your visa).  Don’t be surprised by this..
  • Make sure you find out from your own company / country what your process is, rather than relying on information from other ex-pats.  Everyone’s situation is different and it’s easy to assume their story should also be yours.
  • Lastly – and most importantly, be patient; be prepared to laugh about it – and go out for coffee with fellow expats when it just gets too much!

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