Angola Field Group continues..

Orphanage AFG

As many expats and local people in the Angola community are becoming aware, our patrons of the Angola Field Group Tako and Henriette Koning have left Angola after 15-20 years. This couple were incredibly active in Luanda and beyond and one of their passions was the Angola Field Group. If you are not aware of what and who this organisation is, check out their website. Great news is that although the Konings have gone, their legacy continues. Tomorrow evening Thursday November 19 at 7.30pm the AFG invites you to join with Sister Domingas Loureiro who will present “Casa da Criança Santa Isabel” – where orphans try and succeed in standing and moving ahead after losing their parents. Ninety children in the orphanage, ninety different stories. We will listen to three of them, Teresa, Juliana and Monica and discover how life can sometimes be cruel. We will learn that accusing children of witchcraft is still practiced in Angola despite being denounced a decade ago.

But above all, we will understand that no matter how tough life can be, taking up the challenge is the only way to grow and sometimes, change conditions. Our two testimonies, Mila and Lembra, will share their passion for music and will play some classic pieces. We promise to display a great lesson in humility, courage and hope and look forward to meeting with you and your friends.

Everybody is welcome to attend this event at the Viking Club. Check AFG website for more details.

About bcsl

The BCSL(British and Commonwealth Society of Luanda) group in Luanda exists to provide friendship, fun and laughter to the British and Commonwealth community in Luanda, Angola. Come and join us
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