Round up of different things

The frenzied selling on the buy and sell page last week meant that whenever we saw things for the website we ‘popped them aside for another day’.  So here’s a bit of a mix of all the things that came to our attention last week.  Remember all of this does get moved into the main section of the website when we get the chance to action it!

– South African immigration rules for families – after being deferred previously, the information we are receiving now is that these will be in force by June 1.  You need unabridged birth certificates for the children (with details of both parents) – and if one parent is absent, you need a signed letter (and I don’t think the Portuguese one that we carry for Angola will get us by!).

– Marginale boot camp – if you exercise in the city – you might be interested in the boot camp being run by one of the French expats.  All are welcome


– Architecture in Luanda – it seems that there is more to the city than immediately meets the eye.  This blog was identified by our French friends as something interesting – and its definitely worth a look

– Clay shop in Talatona – the clay shop by the Talatona Kero has been recommended a few times recently.  It’s been open a while now – but it seems that people are going more and more –

– Airport – Apparently the electronic passport reading system at Luanda Airport was launched on Sunday.  Any one that gets it to work – let us know!ónico.htm

– Water Park at Mussulo – there are rumours that it’s open again but in a different place and run by different people.  But who knows if it’s true or not?  Let us know if you go / have been / hear anything!

And on top of all of that – there are new things to buy and new things wanted in our buy and sell section.

Happy Monday!

About bcsl

The BCSL(British and Commonwealth Society of Luanda) group in Luanda exists to provide friendship, fun and laughter to the British and Commonwealth community in Luanda, Angola. Come and join us
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